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Strong Is Your Hold

Strong is Your Hold - Galway Kinnell After struggling a bit with Strand I sought out Galway Kinnell, easily my favorite poet. I had not yet read this new collection of poems and quickly digested it in a sitting. Kinnell is easy to read, like a person talking with you in the room. But unlike conversations you can return to Kinnell's poems again and again. He is earthy, strong, yet gentle in his words and subjects. This volume contains "When the Towers Fell," and hard to read but not sentimental refection on Sept. 11. As he ages so does his interest in life and death, but with the laughter and sorrow he is able to pull off in one poem. This book also contains a CD of him reading which I have yet to listen to, but look forward to hearing. I may have borrowed this book from the library, but I'll be purchasing it soon.