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Babe Ruth: Legendary Slugger (Sterling Biographies)

Babe Ruth: Legendary Slugger (Sterling Biographies) - David Fischer Sometimes I wonder if reading “young adult” books should count in my reading list, but since they take a little time I’ve decided to list them. I read along with my 12-year-old (in my head he is saying “I’m almost 13″) who fits under the reluctant reader heading. So he picked this book to read and I’m enough of a sport fan to be interested as well. The challenge for the writer, David Fischer, is that Babe Ruth hardly lead a life we would hold up as a moral standard for our children — a lot of drinking, a lot of women (both pre-marriage and during marriage), a little education, and a rather abrasive personality. Fischer does not hide these facts, but he does not slam the reader with them over and over. What he does focus on is Ruth’s early life with his family, his time at St. Mary’s, and his entry into professional baseball. The book then takes off and focuses on Ruth’s incredible baseball career, from top pitcher to top hitter, and shows his impact in the game. The book also includes some interesting sidebars which explain about other topics not directly tied to his life.